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    Professional Rodent Removal Services In The San Francisco Bay Area

    Are you dealing with rodents in your home? Panda Heating &  Cooling is a top-rated rodent removal company serving residential and commercial clients in the Bay Area.

    • ✔︎ Free Attic Inspection & Rodent Removal Estimate
    • ✔︎ Team of Licensed & Insured Technicians
    • ✔︎ Unsurpassed Customer Service 
    • ✔︎ Fast Online Booking & Proven Results
    • ✔︎ Best Price Guarantee

    Schedule your FREE rodent removal estimate now!

    3 Steps To Fast Rodent Removal

    With only 3 easy steps, you can say goodbye to those persistent rodents for good. We have the permanent rodent removal services San Francisco residents need to protect the health of their home.

    Schedule Your FREE Inspection

    The first step is to book your free attic inspection online. Then, leave the rest to us. We’ll come to your home to evaluate the problem, provide a rodent removal cost estimate, and answer all your questions.

    Remove Rodents

    Once you have approved the estimate, we’ll schedule your service date. On the day of service, we’ll use our non-toxic rodent removal strategies to remove, control, and prevent infestations.

    Continual Customer Support

    Before we finish the job, we’ll perform a full walkthrough to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We will also schedule a follow-up visit to check in, and we are always here for post-service support as needed.

    Panda Heating &  Cooling Specializes In Professional Rodent Removal Services For The San Francisco Bay Area

    Are you looking for affordable rodent removal service near me? Panda Heating &  Cooling is your go-to rodent control service provider for fast, efficient, and effective results.


    We achieve long-lasting results with professional rodent removal services.

    Whether you have a rodent infestation or dead rodents in your attic, we have the best rodent removal solutions to take care of the problem swiftly. Our team of rodent removal technicians has the knowledge and experience to handle complex rodent control issues, while avoiding cross-contamination and safely decontaminating the area. If the rodents have left nests, babies, or droppings, we will remove them and will rodent-proof the space to prevent further problems.


    Our non-toxic rodent removal methods are safe and effective.

    Traditional rodent removal strategies can consist of harmful chemical sprays, toxic solutions, and other methods that release contaminants into your indoor air. Panda Heating &  Cooling is proud to do things differently. We use only green and eco-friendly rodent removal strategies to ensure the rodents are gone, and the health of your family is protected.


    We Don’t Stop At Rodent Removal Services

    Panda Heating &  Cooling is a top-rated HVAC contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering a wide range of professional heating, cooling, and insulation services.

    Our services include:

    • Commercial HVAC Installation
    • Heat Pump Installation
    • Ductwork Installation
    • Insulation Removal and Installation
    • Central Air Conditioner Installation
    • Ductless Mini-Split Installation Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning
    • Rodent Control Services
    • Sump Pump Installation
    • French Drain Installation

    We Deliver Top-Notch Rodent Removal Services In The Bay Area

    Book your FREE attic inspection today!

    During your free inspection, a member of our team will:

    ✔︎ Take photos of attic and other affected spaces
    ✔︎ Assess HVAC performance and air quality
    ✔︎ Evaluate rodent-related damage
    ✔︎ Answer your questions
    ✔︎ Provide a free rodent removal cost estimate

    Preserve Your Home And Health With High-Quality Rodent Removal Services

    Rats and mice are a nuisance, but did you know they can also spread diseases? Their droppings and urine contain harmful bacteria and other contaminants that can spread through your home, affecting the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. Rodents also chew through electrical wires, insulation, wood beams, and more, potentially leaving your home with expensive damage or fire hazards.

    With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and best price guarantee, you can rely on Panda Heating &  Cooling to provide rodent removal services you can count on.

    Remove Pesky Rodents


    We’ll execute our proven strategies and green rodent removal methods to eliminate all traces of rats, mice, and rodents from your attic or crawl space.

    Identify Entry Points


    We’ll assess your space to identify exactly where the rodents are sneaking into your home. Then we’ll seal all entry points to ensure that rodents and other pests never come back.

    Install New Insulation


    If your insulation has been damaged by rodents, it is essential to repair or replace it as soon as possible. We’ll evaluate damage to your insulation, and if replacement is needed, we can provide insulation installation to solve the problem quickly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do if there is a dead rodent in my home?

    Call us right away for rodent removal services to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more of a chance there is for the smell to linger for a long period of time. If the animal is decaying within your walls, your home’s structure may be permanently damaged if the problem is not taken care of quickly.

    I just don’t see where the rodents are coming in. How do you identify entry points?

    Our team of rodent removal technicians is fully trained to find and seal even the smallest points of entry. Some common entry points are attic vents, small wall openings, drainage systems, and even toilets.

    Will I see results immediately?

    The results will depend on the extent of the problem, but typically our clients can see a difference in just hours. We always schedule a follow-up visit one month after service to ensure every client is happy with our rodent removal services.

    I have small children. Are your rodent removal services safe?

    Yes, every rodent removal and rodent-proofing method we use is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for children and pets.

    Do you carry liability coverage in case of accidental damage?

    Yes, although we work with meticulous precision, we carry comprehensive liability insurance coverage. Every member of our team is fully licensed and qualified to provide the best rodent removal services in the San Francisco Bay Area.