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    First-rate ductless mini-split installation

    Your best option for both heating and cooling

    Ductless mini-split systems are the hidden gems of the HVAC world, and our experts can install them quickly and seamlessly. Our team of professionals can advise on the best brands and ensure you have heat for the winter months and air conditioning when you need to cool down.

    What is a ductless mini-split system?

    Central air conditioning sometimes has its limits, and that’s when a ductless mini-split system comes in. They are heating and cooling systems that allow control of temperatures in an individual room rather than the entire property. You can use them in residential and commercial buildings, even if they don’t have ducts, and the systems are often quick to install, so you achieve your perfect temperature in no time.

    Benefits of ductless mini split installation

    Unsure if a ductless mini-split system is the right one for you?
    Here are some key advantages:


    More comfort and control

    Sometimes different rooms in the house don’t need the same level of heat or air conditioning. A ductless mini-split system allows you to choose the temperature in each room, providing the ultimate comfort for everyone in the building.


    Install nearly anywhere

    These systems can be used for commercial and residential properties, and you don’t need a major renovation to install them. They can serve up to five different zones from one condenser, and you can fit one into any pre-existing space, even an old Victorian that may not have the capabilities to install any other HVAC systems.


    Increase the value of your home

    If you’re considering flipping a property or selling your home in the future, then it may be worth investing in a ductless mini-split system. Many people looking to buy will value a house that comes with built-in heating and cooling, which means you can increase the asking price with this flexible, compact solution.


    Save money on utility bills

    Since you can control individual rooms with this system, you don’t have to worry about too much energy being used in rooms you aren’t using. This can see a significant reduction in utility bills which will save you money each month.

    Get a quote

    If you’re ready to take the leap and upgrade your home with a ductless mini-split system, one of our San Francisco Bay HVAC specialists will be able to evaluate your individual needs personally.